Write a short (3-5 page) reflection on Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences. Be sure to include the following:

1) Your reflection on the results of the various Learning Style Inventories you took. What were the results? Were there common themes that emerged from all the inventories? Did the results confirm what you know about your own styles or did they contradict what you know?

2) How might an understanding of Learning Styles impact you as a teacher? What are the implications for the various ways students communicate?

3) What do you think your strengths are in terms of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences? Weaknesses?

4) How might an understanding of Multiple Intelligences impact you as a teacher? How might you alter your instruction based upon the communication and interactive preferences of your students?

Due: Friday, May 15th (this paper could be used as a portfolio artifact for standard 2)

Here is the powerpoint on Intelligence.