Concepts/Terms to know

1. What is it?
2. Behaviorism
3. Conditioning- Classical & Operant
4. Pavlov
5. Stimulus & Response
6. Thorndike- The Law of Effect
7. B.F Skinner
8. The Air Crib
9. Reinforcement vs Punishment
10. Primary vs Secondary Reinforcers
11. Positive vs Negative Reinforcement
12. Premack Principle
13. Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Rewards
14. Shaping
15. Extinction (burst)
16. Schedules of Reinforcement
17. Bandura
1. the Modal Model (sensory memory, short-term memory [rehearsal], long term memory)
2. the case of Clive Wearing
3. the Serial Position Curve-the Primary Effect hypothesis and the Recency Effect hypothesis
4. “chunking” discrete items-the Magic Seven plus or minus two
5. Coding (visual coding, phonological coding, semantic coding)
6. Proactive/Retroactive Interference- Facilitation
7. The Working Memory Model (phonological and visuospatial)
8. Cog Lab Tests- Memory Span, Modality Effect, Brain Asymmetry, Irrelevant Speech, Stroop Task.
9. Memory strategies

1. Domains of Learning
a. The Cognitive Domain
b. The Psychomotor Domain
c. The Affective Domain
2. Benjamin Bloom’s taxonomy of the cognitive domain
a. a taxonomy is a hierarchical system of categorization
i. recall
ii. comprehension
iii. application
iv. analysis
v. synthesis
vi. evaluation
b. the last three levels are “higher levels of thinking”