A number of people have e-mailed asking for a bit more direction on how to connect articles that are on different topics. This is a good question. On one level, of course, they all relate because they are all about the brain and cognition.  But, specifically, you need to explain to the reader why the topic/topics you chose relate.

For example, you might choose the article about “anorexia,” the one about the importance of sleep and the one about how the brain responds to mistakes. You would explain what you feel ties them together. For example, you might say,

A middle school teacher needs to teach more than the content of her subject. It is important that the teacher understands some of the issues that enhance or impede student learning. Many adolescent girls are concerned about their weight and some become anorexic. Girls suffering from anorexia will have trouble focusing and learning in the classroom. Current brain research suggests that……..

[later in the paper] Another issue that is important for a teacher of adolescents to understand is how sleep impacts learning……

[later still introduce how the brain deals with mistakes as your final topic]

In other words, do what good writers always do, help the reader see connections between and among your topics through topic statements, transitions, examples, summations, etc.