Wednesday we will be working on our group presentations.  The groups are:

  1. Erik Erikson: McKel B., Tony B., Alex C.
  2. Jean Piaget (moral): Laura B., Kris C., Luke F.
  3. Lawrence Kohlberg: Elizabeth D., Jamie D., Susan G.,
  4. Carol Gilligan: Jeff Young, Sarah H., Rocky K.
  5. Elliot Turiel: Damian M., Rose O., Dawn M.,
  6. David Elkind: Danny H., Jake H., Kari K.
  7. James Marcia: Yordanos R., Baillie S., Craig M.
  8. James Garbarino: Brynna S., Jordan S., Megan T.
  9. James Beane:  Aurora T., Naomi Z., Bradley S.
  10. Thomas Lickona: Kristen H., Jenna V., Jody Z.

Each group will create a ppt. with at least one slide addressing each of the following:

  • Background
  • Influences
  • Theory
  • Critique
  • Classroom Applications
  • References

Each presentation should last approximately 10 minutes. Each member of the team will be responsible for 1/3 of the presentation.

Reminder— Take the survey on the previous post.